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              Nanjing Electric, the first high tension insulator company in the electrical industry of China, established in 1936, is the eastern China headquarter of BPG. We have three research centers including: Glass Insulator Engineering Technical Research Center of Mechanical Industry, High-voltage Insulator Engineering Technical Research Center of Jiangsu Province, National Laboratory (Inspection Center). In recent years, we are honored as Advanced Collective of National Mechanical Industry....
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        Product Center
        Glass insulators
        Used in HV,UHV AC/DC for insulating and suspending wire>
        Composite insulator
        used in electric transmission line、substation、electric railway ect >
        HV bushing
        The component which is used to close current, connect equipments and shells, go through the walls and insulate in the power system >
        High voltage transformer
        accurate measurement, reliable protection, guarantee the grid security, stable and high quality operation! >
        High tension insulator
        the Pacesetter of Electric porcelain industry >
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        Enterprise culture
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